Make your data



Secure, scalable, agile, high-performance, time-sequenced, real-time distributed ledger (DL) for decentralized general-purpose computing and dApp development. Easily integrate with existing and new systems and tech stacks. Suitable for citizen developers to large enterprises.


The low-code and no-code (LCNC) distributed ledger (DL) for dApp development is designed for mass-market adoption.

Open up the Universe of Opportunities – Seize Competitive Advantage

Designed for 5G Edge Computing

Future Proof

Integrate with legacy tech stacks; create new ones

Resolve limitations of costs, scalability, complexity

Lower cost to implement and

Upload any type and size of
structured and unstructured data

Near-zero transaction costs

Quantum security and
system-wide encryption

Real-time, time-sequenced, transaction processing

Integrate vertical and horizontal markets

Instant tokenization of all data

Designed for AI pipelining

Ensure data privacy and security

Enables users to manage and monetize data

Owner permissioned data
access and use

Built for transaction volume
and velocity