About Us

GoKnown was founded to create a distributed ledger technology for general purpose computing, usable by anyone, anywhere, programmer or not, to create their own decentralized applications and to securely share those applications with others. Quantum-secure, time-sequenced, real-time and data-permissioned, GoKnown’s first product, MyKNOWN™, provides a no-code capability for nonprogrammers and a low-code version for business analysts and web developers.

Using decades of experience creating distributed, large-scale computing solutions, GoKnown’s founders also invented the KNOWN® platform, a distributed ledger that uses microsecond timestamps to sequence and process individual transactions across large networks at scale. Because it is designed for Web3, the KNOWN® platform integrates new and existing user applications with wireless high-speed edge computing, AI and other machine-learning technologies.

Importantly, GoKnown’s solutions are designed to meet all environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability requirements.

Experienced Leadership With Track Record of Success

Pioneers and leaders in database technology, distributed computing, cloud technology, last-mile computing, mobile computing, logistics and risk management

Connie Erlanger

Co-Founder, CEO

  • Serial entrepreneur

  • Financial services background in capital markets, FX, and commercial real estate

Michael Harold

Co-Founder, CTO

  • Architect of FedEx Global Logistics Virtual Enterprise Architecture

  • Co-inventor decentralized cloud database in 2002

  • Inventor of mobile media casting and numerous other computer technologies

Ramesh Venkataramaiah, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist and CPO

  • Pioneer in Enterprise Application Integration at FedEx

  • Co-inventor of decentralized cloud database in 2002 with Michael Harold

  • Expert in Cloud computing, Big Data, ML and AI

Bill Hartnett

Chief Strategy
Innovation Office

  • Built and led Microsoft financial services

  • Head of Strategy and Innovation for ACORD

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